Repeated Content in Outlook

Hi, I have a slight problem which I cannot work out.

We have a template set up. We have used the template before without issue but now we have created a new campaign with it and sent out tests before we send the live campaign.

Anyone on Outlook appears to be getting the test fine, but that actual email has the template  duplicated over and over again one below the other.

Its difficult to explain which makes it as difficult to solve. Has anyone experienced this before?

It only seems to happen in outlook on PC.

Any pointers would due greatly appreciated.


roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 4 years ago

Hi Rich, this is really unusual - do you think it could be because Outlook is placing the current message into a 'conversation' or 'thread' with previously received test messages? If you could post a screenshot of this happening, we'd be keen to take a look!

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joanne25, 4 years ago

I can supply a screenshot but its difficult to show as you can;t see the top or bottom of the content in one window anyway.

The message had only been sent as a test twice in one instance and appears 10+ times in the actual message.

This is the best I can do to illustrate.

joanne25, 4 years ago

I believe this was due to a stray </td>.

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