iphone mail displaying wrong images in HTML emails

I am experiencing an intermittent issue with a responsive HTML email that I have built.

The issue appears to be isolated to viewing the email in the iPhone mail app, and only occurs intermittently.

What it appears to be doing is loading the wrong image in certain locations in the email. When this same email is viewed on other mobile devices Android, Windows mobile etc it displays fine.

If you clear the cache on the iPhone, this resolves the issue and the email displays fine. However a typical user is not going to do this obviously. Is there any way to prevent this from happening in the first instance?

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 4 years ago

Hi Francis, this is very unusual, however if you have previously loaded the email in your iPhone Mail client with a previous/wrong image, there is the possibility that it may be caching on your device only (thus why clearing the cache works). If a subscriber hasn't previously opened the incorrect version of the email, they should see the correct image.

Out of curiosity, are you finding that Settings > Safari > Clear Cookies and Data also clears Mail's cache?

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francis.jade, 4 years ago

The weird thing is that the images were never loaded or cached in the wrong position. What it is actually doing is grabbing another image in the email (generally the one next to it) and overwriting the correct image. I have had reports from readers who have experienced this issue when first viewing the email, (and would never have seen the email during testing etc). While the majority of readers don't have any issue at all when viewing the exact same email.

It's got me stumped!

drix, 1 year ago

Hi Francis,

Did you find any solution to this problem? We're facing the exact same problem with our emails...

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