newbie question

just road testing here, want to begin sending out campaigns.  my first test resulted in pages of alphabet soup:

��5a��A�������d����9@,qE���*�_�s��PS'3���M��� ��&ae��ۚ@٤<�K��Tܜ���NPCk,t�9#Xq12@�&���D�>1660\130@d0Z�Ʒ���[}%��W�/ųkQ��@���"�GiI;�w�\m��<���p/� �2R���j`@�!�����Z����~-O�&>��g�+�ϟ]H��q�w;�mn>~�iv� h��6�;�CQ���V��"

Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

Are you uploading an actual HTML page, or a PDF file directly? You need to have an HTML file to import, created using something like a text editor or Dreamweaver.

It's not possible to just upload other types of files I'm afraid.

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