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Just wondered if you guys could help me with an issue we've been experiencing in Outlook 2007 and 2010 on both Vista and Windows 7. It seems that images are automatically resizing themselves, to smaller than the original. It doesn't seem to be happening on everyones Outlook, so I'm wondering if its a setting within outlook or the operating system thats breaking it.

You can view an example of what we're seeing at http://postimage.org/image/foq0l2q8t/ - and the direct "View in browser" link is - http://email.calmdigital.com/t/ViewEmail/r/19C93CB1E8299D1C . As you can see, the images have widths and heights.

Just for reference, we had another campaign that we sent as html without using Campaign Monitor, and that worked correctly with all images the correct size. Importing the html into Campaign Monitor and performing a test send however came up with all images resized smaller.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, the problems been causing problems for a couple of days now!

Many thanks

Redferret, 4 years ago

When setting heights and widths with html attributes px is automatically assumed, so rather than width="100px" it should just be width="100", only when using css do you need to specify the unit

Gmail app apologist
danaskwith, 4 years ago

Thanks, however I've tried with lots of different methods of writing the width/height and all seem to show the same result.

The odd thing seems to be that its only happening on certain test machines. Our test laptop displays the email correctly while a desktop machine with the same OS and version of Outlook displays the images incorrectly.


supernath, 4 years ago

On a limb here, but I'd check the zoom settings on the machine that is displaying it incorrectly.

What happens if you simplify the email and just have two cells, one with the image and one with the paragraph?

Redferret, 4 years ago

Yeah, unless that specific pc is behind a different mail server then it's most probably zoom settings.

One thing i notice is that you've also got no DOCTYPE which will cause layout problems in some clients.

Gmail app apologist

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