Segments rules too simple

Hi -

Trying to work with several clients lately setting up segments that are more complex than just Favorite Food equals Pizza, etc.

Here are some of the feature requests I have based on these experiences:

- Wildcards  (for example: ZIP = 100*, or ZIP = 100??, or Role = customer_* )
- Exclusions, etc:  Currently you can add "OR" between lines of the same field, and "AND" between different fields.  Any reason not to give the option of "OR" "AND" and "NOT" for each new piece of logic?
- Better Postal / ZIP code / Geo handling.  It would be great if there were actual field types for address, address2, city, state/province, postal code.  Right now we just have to use text fields.  Then add some "within 100 miles of X" geography segments in there would be totally amazing.

The bulk of the work seems like it's been done to create a robust segments function, which is great!  Now please give us more powerful queries so we can do more useful things with it.  Right now the answer give clients who want to do these things is: Export to excel, create your sub-set, import as a new list.  That just kinda sucks.

Thanks for your consideration!

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 4 years ago

Hi squarecandydesign, consider it considered! A few of us here have been keen to give our segments some fairly serious work, so I'll pass on your suggestions now and let you know if they make the cut. The impression I get is that we'll be giving segments a real makeover at some stage and this feedback will be a critical part of that.

Thanks again and keep the ideas flowing!

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JD JD, 3 years ago

Hi squarecandydesign! We just wanted to let you know that today we've released a feature that allows you to segment lists according to the location of your subscribers. I should help knock one of those features off your list! :)

Check out our blog post for more details:

and if you'd like to dive right in we have a comprehensive help topic here:

Thanks for all the suggestions!

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