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I am working on email responsive design and find it difficult when it comes to testing as I don’t have access to various devices that dominate the market today.
I have a limited budget to buy a selection of android phones, so what are the decisions I need to make when it comes to testing in relation to responsive emails?  Should I be buying any android models, models with different operating systems etc? The leading types are Galaxy S3, S2, Note and Ace according to stats.  At the moment, most of these devices are updatable to the latest Android Operating system but that might not be the case with other android devices.
Also, even though Galaxy S3 dominates the market, stast show that just over 50% of android phones are on two year old gingerbread OS. I am not sure what is more important when it comes to testing, the phone model or the operating system?

What about HTC and windows phones?

Any advice will be appreciated.


style campaign style campaign, 4 years ago

I'd start with one Android running Gingerbread, as you said its ~50% of the market. You can pick up older models - even new and unlocked from Amazon - for $199 (that's what our Galaxy Ace cost). Also places like Gamestop in the US sell used devices that have been tested by staff -maybe less risky than eBay (though eBay is also an option). We've a bunch of GB devices and rendering is basically the same across them all. I'm fond of the S2 and Ace.

After GB I'd get a ICS Android device (though will be more pricey), in our testing we see different support across those two versions most often. Also ICS is catching up quickly with 30% marketshare.

Don't know if it will help but her is our mobile testing rig:  you can see which Android devices we chose.

I don't think WP is a priority - nice to have - the Surface is fun but Android is more important (at least to US market). Assuming you have iOS covered, you might also consider a BB next.

hope this helps...


JohnP JohnP, 4 years ago

You shouldn't need to buy any devices. Use or to test. Campaign Monitor includes testing powered by Litmus for free on monthly accounts I believe (someone will correct me if I'm wrong)

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