Links to offsite anchor tags not working due to utm additions

In my email I have two types of anchor tags. The first is for a table of contents and have no issues there.

Recently my client asked to add "read more" links to the email articles for readers to read the rest of each article on the website by linking directly to that article's anchor. In the campaign that went out, those links don't work because the utm tracking code additions are added between the URL and the anchor tag.

Is there a way of getting around this?

I'm trying to work out rewrite rules to point the urls that went out to the proper place, but not having much luck with that so far.

Is my only option going forward to either not include analytics tracking code or link to the web newsletter without including anchor links?

Thanks for any insight provided.

jeremypeter, 4 years ago

You can try manually adding in the tracking codes for each link.
We'll use Campaign Monitor's #layout anchor link for an example. … nt/#layout

Next you'll want to append the following query string, which Campaign Monitor usually auto-generates for you, but you'll be adding it manually for your occurrence:


Everything stays the same except the value of the utm_campaign parameter. The utm_term parameter values are optional to overwrite.

Make sure you append the #layout at the end of the query string. Otherwise it won't jump to the right location.

Here's what the new link should look like now:[email]&utm_campaign=Name+Of+Campaign+Here&utm_term=visit+out+site#layout

Hope that made sense.

kmeronuk, 4 years ago

Thanks. That does make sense, but it doesn't seem to help any.

I've tried adding the UTM markup manually to my links, but Campaign Monitor adds duplicate UTM markup, causing the link to not work.

After speaking with Campaign Monitor support, I shortened the Campaign Name and that helped make the links work. (I also shortened parts of the URL being linked to as well first, but that didn't help on its own.)

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