I think I just unsubscribed myself?

Hopefully I can explain this ... feel free to ask questions if it'll help clarify anything.

So I've just set up my first recipient list, and was going through and subscribing / unsubscribing addresses. I apparently unsubscribed my own e-mail address. (I thought it was in the list, but when I ran a search for it, it didn't appear.) So ... I tried to re-add it in, and was notified that it was suppressed. So I went to the suppression list to remove it (in order to re-add it to the actual mailing list), and cleared it off the list. I then tried to add it back in again (manually), and got an error that says "No recipients were successfully added, as 1 is unsubscribed, leaving a total of 3612 recipients in this list." So I guess there's a blacklist somewhere? So ... what do I do? How can I get my e-mail back on my mailing list?


Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

Hey Charlie,

What you need to do is go to your subscriber list, and use the drop down menu to view 'unsubscribed subcribers' - find yourself there, check the box next to your name and then click the 'move to active subscribers' button at the bottom.

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charliepark, 9 years ago

That did it! You're awesome!

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