Long urls break templates

I have clients who insist on copying long urls into their emails. Because these are an unbroken line of dozens of characters they break the template.

Is there a way of getting them to automatically shorten whilst still having them maintain their link - a little like twitter does with the url shortener?

Are there other ways around this issue? Apart from explaining again what the link button is for.

Thanks in advance.

Stig Stig, 4 years ago

Hi eyelight,

If you can show your clients how to insert proper links instead, that's a far better option for a few different reasons:

- Your client can probably write link text that is more compelling than the URL.
- Using URLs as link text can result in spam filtering and phishing warnings.
- And back to the main issue, long URLs can stretch and break the template.

Teaching your clients how to insert links may require some effort for sure, but in this case it seems much more feasible than implementing a technical solution that could address all these issues. We'd be keen to hear any further thoughts you have on this though.

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jeremypeter, 4 years ago

We've solved this issue before by using <br /> tags to break up the link. So for instance this,


would turn into this,

http://www.campaignmonitor.com/blog/<br />post/3921/outlook.com-drops-<br />margin-and-float-support-entirely

Just insert them until the layout snaps into place.

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