Beyond Fallbacks

This mightn't be feasible, but was wondering how I could achieve the following:

One of our campaigns operates by agents providing email addresses they've collected each week (with consent! :)) and we'd like to be able to recognise their contributing by putting at the bottom of the message:

Your preferred agent is [i]John Doe[/i], click here to contact him.

Obviously it'll be a little bit cumbersome to create "click here to contact him" component, but that shouldn't be too much of the problem.

The issue will be where, for whatever reason, users don't have a preferred agent (for example they sign up via our website).

I don't want the custom field to be the whole sentence, obviously, but nor do I want "Your preferred agent is [not applicable], click...".

So, either I need to figure out a more advanced method of using fallbacks or I'm going to need to come up with a sentence structure that will work using the current fallback system. Any pointers?


Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

Hi Mitch,

You would probably need to do something like

Your preferred agent: [agent, fallback=None specified]

for the least awkward phrasing

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