Best way to get absolute image url in template

I'm using the extremely awesome tool to hopefully get background images for my table cells to appear in outlook 2007/10/13 versions.  It appears that the tool requires an absolute image path, but I'm uploading my images to the Campaign Monitor template via an image zip file so I don't know the image path until it actually renders and gets a createsend file URL.

Is there any variable or other way I can use in my template to reference this path?  Or will I need to upload template images to one of my servers to reliably get the image path?

For example, here is my vfill code:

<v:fill type="tile" src="images/headline-message-bg.png" color="#1b1b5c" />

I don't believe the src of images/headline-message-bg.png is being properly translated by campaign monitor on send.


roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 4 years ago

Hi stjbarhorst, thanks for trying out! Just to clarify here, Campaign Monitor does not import or host linked images in VML code. Your best bet is to host your images on a server in order to get an absolute path that can be used in the code /

Sorry about the hassle, but I hope this clarifies things here. :)

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JohnP JohnP, 4 years ago

If I was to send an email via CM and pull the image URL out of the resulting email, couldn't you put that into

As ugly as it is, here is an image url from a campaign I've sent in the past.

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 4 years ago

Hi JohnP, generally that would work, but in the case of background images in VML code, the image won't be imported. That said, if the image is also linked to as a regular background image, too (eg. background="/image/bg.jpg"), then your approach will totally work :)

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