UK: The end of 1-to-1 marketing? Act now - write to your MEP

If you're based in the UK or send to UK recipients please read this and take action.

This is a copy and paste from the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) website:

"The end of one-to-one marketing? Are you ready for one-to-none marketing?

"You might have already heard about the proposed EU overhaul of the way consumer data protection is regulated. As both consumers and representatives of business, we welcome this modernisation of our data law – much of which pre-dates the internet era.

"But the proposals currently passing through the EU could have potentially devastating consequences for your business and the wider economy, killing off the good of the digital age along with the bad.

"Whatever your business, the way you do it will fundamentally change.

"It's time for you to know what's happening - and to act to protect your livelihood."

Please read the links on this page and then follow the guidelines to write to your MEP.  I am just composing my own letter now!

Campaign Monitor - anything you can do to help as well would be appreciated :-)

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 4 years ago

Hey there, thank you for keeping us updated on potential changes to the law surrounding email marketing in the EU. We'll be keenly observing things from here - at this proposal stage, it sounds like the biggest implication will be that we may consider the option of anonymizing tracking for our European customers.

Please keep in mind that Campaign Monitor's permission and privacy policies already abide by the majority of these proposals (eg. the need for explicit consent prior to contact), so at present, we don't see the noted changes as being an immediate threat to our customers.

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Thanks Ros. This affects not only email marketing but also other sectors such as mobile marketing, telemarketing and direct mail and I therefore posted the above extracts on a general business forum which I belong to. The consensus from those who commented is "No way on earth will that pass (at least not in its current form)."

Others commented that the "Google lobby" - ad networks which rely on demographic targeting (LinkedIn, Facebook et al) - will have a field day with this proposed legislation.

The legislation is only in draft form at the moment and there's some way to go, so lets hope those wacky EU legislators will see sense, and take on board legitimate concerns from business.

Julian Wellings | Expertise on Tap 
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Kris2 Kris2, 4 years ago

Are these the same people behind the cookie thing?

I have been in love with Campaign Monitor since 2012., 4 years ago

@Kris2 - oh yes, that's them!

Julian Wellings | Expertise on Tap 
Email Marketing | Video Marketing | Cheltenham UK
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Kris2 Kris2, 4 years ago

Expertiseontap - lol. Do you think p** off 98.9% of the UK is in their job description?

I have been in love with Campaign Monitor since 2012.

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