Warning: I'm not a Developer but I have a question - API "failsafe" ?

The other day we had to give API details to another agency. They, in a rather superior "we are oh so much better than you" way said "and what happens if the API goes down. Where do we store to".


That's possible???

What do we do???

How do we then get the data back in when it's back up and running?

I asked our Developers this and unfortunately they weren't any the wiser. They're also fairly.................... relaxed.... and saw no pressing need to investigate this.

I know I'm the Queen of Worrying. Is it unwarranted in this respect?

Thank you!

Phil Phil, 4 years ago

Hi Kris,

Nothing is 100% failsafe. We do our best to keep the API up 100% of the time, but any sensible integration will think about the case when the API can't be contacted for whatever reason (it's not necessarily that the API goes down, but you might have DNS troubles, or a change in the firewall settings on your end, or who knows what else?).

I'm not sure what kind of data this may be referring to...
How do we then get the data back in when it's back up and running?
... but if it's just new subscribers, then it's a relatively simple matter to batch up a large bunch of subscribers and import them all at the same time once connectivity comes back.

Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any follow-up questions.


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