Limit options available in template multiline wysiwyg editor

+1 for the ability to limit the wysiwyg controls for <multiline> layout objects. Having size, colour and alignment in the control of some clients is dangerous!

In specific circumstances, clients should just have to focus on CONTENT, not the styling of the text.

Personally I would like the options limited to:

- bold
- italic
- make link

ps. any news on making the template editor more hi-res/retina image friendly? (Currently the template editor automatically scales images down if they are bigger than the width and height attributes.)

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 4 years ago

Hi there matt, thank you so much for your request here. We've earlier had requests to simply limit the colors that clients can use, but where you're coming from here is very much understandable. I'll add your vote now to limit the options available from within <multiline> regions and keep you posted, no sweat.

Funny you mention the Retina-optimized image issue, I had someone ask about it just earlier. While we don't have immediate plans to make it possible to stop an image from resizing on import, it's one we're keen to look into. I'll add your vote for better image handling and keep you posted if it's something we add. Thank you!

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