Email length causing links to stop functioning?

Yes, this seems to be an Outlook 2007 issue, but I'm not experiencing it in Outlook 2010 which is strange considering they both use Word to render.

Here's the problem - I have a long email and past a certain point (probably the A4 line), the hyperlinks within the right-hand column cease working. They appear active, but nothing at all happens when they are clicked. It just sits. After hours of researching and testing, I've only found one other post about this on another site. Sadly, there was no fix that anyone could find.

The layout is a pretty standard main table with nested tables within it, and the main body is a simple 2-column layout. I'm not experiencing any spacing issues, as is the typical problem people run into with long emails. You can see it here: … pirit.html.

At this point, I have to send the email because we're past deadline. Hopefully Outlook 2007 people will click to the web version for all the links (Yikes!). But I'd still like to find a fix for this because I've run up against it once before...

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 4 years ago

Yikes, Zeus2006 - that's a really weird issue! We haven't come across this personally, but would be happy to test out your campaign on our end if you kindly get in touch with us. Hopefully this issue is just limited to your Outlook install! We'll keep an eye open to see if anyone else comes across this.

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