Approval process whould go through agency

We recently had a client who manages their account go through the approval process - issue is she was contacted directly about approving the emails...

That was a bit tricky because we have whitelabelled campaign monitor she was asking me who this person was that was asking her these questions, we're a small agency and she knows the whole team, so knew by their name it wasn't one of us!!

anyway, shouldn't the approval process go through the reseller agency, not directly to the client - it kind of shatters the illusion doesn't it?

balthazar balthazar, 4 years ago

Hey there! Balthazar from the approvals team at Campaign Monitor here. You bring up a very important issue and one we take very seriously: not blowing your cover as a designer whitelabeling our services. Because of this, all of our communications during the approval process go only to the account owner and never to the client directly. Whichever email address is set up for the account owner is the one we send all of our correspondence to during the approval process.

I'll email you directly to find out some more details about your particular situation and see what might have happened here.

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