Problem appending data on Multiple option type attribute - Susbcriber

Hi there,

I have a question regarding subscriber management. Below is the scenario we have and it’d be great if someone could suggest us the best way to resolve the problem.
We have a show which is held 3 times a year and visitors could be the same on each event.

Show ABC (Event 1, Event 2, Event 3)

Now we have a common subscribers list for Visitors in Campaign Monitor that maintains visitor emails. On the list we have an attribute “Attended” as multiple options (Event1, Event 2, Event3) which is meant to keep track of visitors attendance of each event.

Eg. Visitor “John Hopkins” visited Event 1 so campaign monitor would already have a data that reads as follow in the visitor list,

Full Name: John Hopkins
Attended: Event 1

Now second event was held recently. i.e. Event 2
After each event we import Visitor Registration details to the Visitor list in Campaign monitor. So, we got a fresh registration detail list of Event 2 where the above visitor happened to attend and hence he is in the list. Now when we upload this list, “Attended” field for this User is being overwritten by the latest event “Event 2” while it should have appended with Event 2.

Actual Result:
Full Name: John Hopkins
Attended: Event2

Expected Result:
Full Name: John Hopkins
Attended: Event 1||Event2

Can you please suggest if there is any option/control through which we can maintain and append the data rather than overriding it when we do imports?

Thanks in advance...

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 4 years ago

Hi there ReedExpo - the sorry news is that it isn't possible to append multi-option custom field data at present, I'm sorry to say. For the most part, exporting the existing list, then re-importing is the way to do this, until we update our workflow.

I'm sorry for this shortcoming on our end, especially as it does result in a bit of extra work. All your feedback here I've recorded internally, so we'll be sure to get back to you if it's something we update at a later time.

Thanks for letting us know, ReedExpo - hopefully we'll come up with a better process in the not too distant future.

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