More funny faces

I have a request for the maervelous campaign monitor people.

I didn't pulled a funny face for the Gmail flickr group for the following reasons:

Yes it is incredibly annoying to have to style everything inline but at leaast it works
what Gmail support at least it support it well and you know you can rely on it without to many surprises.
it'sa bummer, a bother and a big loss of time to have to inswert inline css all the time and adjust everything each time again and again.

Bad Gmail, bad Gmail!!!

when i started to work on html emails i tried my best to keep a bit of semantic markup and apply graceful degradation concept from the web into my emails.
Well i don't anymore it's too much of a bother and  a waste of time, but i think that wrst than Gmail is Windows Hotmail.

Unless I'm mistaken and despite loads of differents experiment, Hotmail doesn't reset margin and padding around semantics elements like headers and paragraphs.

I actually spend far much more time to hack even basic Html for Hotmail than insert inline css all day longs for Gmail.

So my request is,

Could we start a Hotmail funny face Flickr group as well?

Or am i alone with my Hotmail rant.


Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

You're definitely not alone, and Hotmail does have it's own issues. I don't think that the grimaces would work as well the second time around though, so we might need to come up with a new idea for Microsoft.

Suggestions welcomed!

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