Outlook adding paragraphs <o:p> to table cells

Does anybody know how to keep Outlook from adding its own special variety of paragraph tags to table cells that should actually not contain ANY paragraph tags? I'm using short (4px-high) table cells to cap a box with rounded corner images, and the cells in the top and bottom rows contain only images. Outlook 2010 keeps adding empty <o:p> paragraph tags after the images, with span tags around them to set the text size at 10pt, which was making the cells blow out vertically.

I've made adjustments to the background color of the cells where it's happening (being fortunate that it's happening in a place where I want solid color, and the height can be a little flexible), so that either the extra space keeps the background color of the box or uses the color of the background surrounding the box, so a little extra can go unnoticed.

Still, having a way of just preventing OL from adding the paragraphs would be nice, so as to keep it all more precise and not have the problem at times when camouflaging it isn't so convenient. Any thoughts?

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 4 years ago

Hi there PMcKern - this is really curious! Do you find that the <o:p> tags are just getting added by Outlook to any incoming email, or is it forwarded emails? Plus, what version of Outlook are you seeing this in? Personally, I haven't seen Outlook add its own code (just implement it funny), so I'd be keen to reproduce this behaviour.

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Redferret, 4 years ago

How exactly are you viewing the source for this? Outlook does interpret your code using the office rendering engine but from my experience the only source you'll be able to see is the delivered source, unless, as Ros says, you forward it on (which adds padding among other things)

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