To double opt-in or not, that is question...

I've been a big fan of double opt-in lists for a while and now I'm getting push back on the concept, especially from outside vendors I want to integrate with that don't support double opt-in.  What is the conventional wisdom here, is double opt-in still the best practice when it comes to obtaining permission for sending?

The argument is that it puts a barrier to signing up for my list, which I can understand. Thoughts?

Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

Double opt-in is definitely still the best option as far as being able to show someone asked to join your list, and confirming that it came from their address.

Personally though as a subscriber I prefer just being added without the hassle of waiting for that extra email, and we do see a reasonable number of people who sign up but never complete the double opt-in.

So it probably comes down to the list and client, and depending on what risks are involved, and how likely the list is to be abused, you'll need to make that choice.

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