Updating and not replacing custom fields

Hi everyone,

Was wondering if anyone knew how to update custom fields without replacing the content already in them.

Specifically I mean a "Multiple Options (can select many)" field.

We're merging a few databases into one to use in Mailbuild and as we import each one if there's a double-up it overwrites the box ticked by the first database.

Just in case it's not clear, here's what happens:

I upload 1.csv which ticks 1 in the custom field A for every user imported
I upload 2.csv which ticks 2 in the custom field A for every user imported

The problem is that there is a small amount of cross-over between the two databases, so I ideally I would like 2.csv to add to the custom field value of the subscribers imported in 1.csv, as opposed to overwrite them. That is, users who were present in all three databases would have boxes 1, 2 and 3 ticked in field A after the import was completed.

Is this possible?

quena, 7 years ago

Any word on this?

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