New? CM's reports/notices sending as me specifically now?

  I opened a ticket with support about a similar issue related to the new subscriber email report offered for instant, daily, weekly, monthly stats.

Now to clarify our scenario:
**1** We signed up for CM years ago when I was the only person involved with the blasts. (Knowing enough about HTML to create simple blasts, etc). 
~~~~~~~  So I am the primary administrator, our company is the only 'client'. 
**2** A little over a year ago, we hired someone to create a handful of very simple templates for us and I was able to create a secondary admin account (not complete access) to a new coworker to handle building new blasts from those templates.
~~~~~~~  We have email addresses on the same domain.
**3**  Our blasts send as if from noreply@(domain of our company name, but not our website or email source)
~~~ This let us get around an issue particularly early on of never being able to receive our own campaigns because of the servers mimicking ourselves, to send to ourselves. A classic spam framework.
~~~~~~ We've worked pretty well as such up until the last 2-3 weeks.

Then the new subscriber report offering appeared.
__ I hadn't even known it existed until I found the failed message.  It was requested by my coworker. It was blocked as spam because the report is trying to mimic me specifically.
__ We were given a suggestion by support, that was more a general config suggestion, but because we cannot allow this exact mimicry scenario, it won't fix our situation. 
__ So unless they come back with a workaround, we may just have to accept we can't use the new report notice.  This is a shame, but just one email.

However, now this morning, I received two more failed emails. One to my coworker and I'm guessing the other would have gone to our contracted template designer with the subject "Your campaign has been sent".

Again, it's imitating coming from me directly (vs, say the invoice for when the blast went out, which I get never with an issue).
I don't recall ever getting these types of emails.

1) Is that because I'm in the 'developer' role for this system or is this another new offering?
2) Is there anyway to alter what email these types of notices are coming from?
--~~~ I suppose I could try changing my login to a personal email account instead of the company's email domain, but I have even less knowledge about the server controls on those accounts and would not want to start getting personally marked as a spammer.

Have I missed some new setting or notice about these types of emails?
Or is this just how it is/will be and we won't be able to change how these go out?


ebbhitch, 4 years ago

::Side note:: I've been reading around the forum troubleshooting and general boards.  I just found the anti-noreply@ posts and comments.  Please don't take me apart for using it!!
I'll have to look into it more now!

Originally, we had to use it so we could send the blast and receive it ourselves (preview or real).  I think something changed over time, so we have it still send from that domain (which since it matches our company name, doesn't hurt our self-representation in a mailbox), but we also have setup the reply to address to go to our only customer service email box.  So we fall into the mixed message practicers, more than rude I think.

Through these latest issues, I've been finding more areas of our email management that we need to improve on.
  (Like when getting undeliverable messages back from other notices via the Mail Delivery Subsystem or whatever, is there a way to extract data from the original message to save the employee time of manually digging into every one to then note the customer's account that their address is invalid?)

I'll be adding the noreply usage to the list.  I promise. :-)

ebbhitch, 4 years ago

Ok. After a lot of confusing discussions, it's been clarified to me that this particular scenario is not the same as previous ones, which tie into spam prevention of an outside server sending as if from an inhouse domain to another inhouse domain.

The blast notifications went out in the past as me without issue by CM's servers so those were fine.
Today, for some reason, at 4am ET those two messages failed.
Then about 8am ET, they must have gotten resent, as valid notices got through to the coworker's external gmail about.

So I guess, this whole post can be ignored.  Sorry!

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 4 years ago

Hi ebbhitch, thank you for sharing this and yes, if you can use an email address other than noreply@, you'll likely benefit :) In regards to this:

> Today, for some reason, at 4am ET those two messages failed.
Then about 8am ET, they must have gotten resent, as valid notices got through to the coworker's external gmail about.

There is a chance either the notification soft-bounced, or a mail server/filter took a while to process it. If you want us to check up the send time on our end, be sure to get in touch with the email address and we can check our records here.

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