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Hi folks,

I have a few questions regarding the Campaign Monitor template editor. I realize I can create my own custom templates but am hoping for something easy that my client can eventually work with and I don't have to muss much with.  I was trying out the "Simple Announcement" template today and found a couple of things I could not do and want to confirm that I am correct:

- Cannot add meta keywords or desciptions for overall email?

- Footer - no way to resize just a portion of the text or bold portions (I have 2 addresses for a particular customer that wants the location headings bolded.

- Footer - no way to add a hyperlink (web address)

And slightly off this topic, how long are the "Web Versions" of the ecampaigns kept online.  Is it possible to download them and upload them to a clients site.  For example, my client lists all of their past ecampaigns on a Newsletter page on their website along with PDF versions and a Spanish version.  This also helps them with SEO stuff.

That's all I can think of right now.  I do like the editor, it is pretty easy and quick, just want to see a few more options there if possible in the future.

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 4 years ago

Hi there Oatmeal, thanks for writing in! We've deliberately kept things very simple in the template builder, but that said, you can always export and edit the HTML code in order to change the meta, text formatting, layout etc. Here are instructions on building and export your templates.

Happy to note your suggestions internally, as we're continuously improving things like our template builder. If we do make the templates more flexible, we'll be sure to get in touch.

And slightly off this topic, how long are the "Web Versions" of the ecampaigns kept online.

Web versions are hosted by us forever. So, you can safely link to a web version using its share link. We recommend this over downloading and re-uploading the files, as there's a good chance that stylesheets and the scripting we use on say, social sharing links may stop working if you do that.

Thanks, Oatmeal - I hope this has been helpful!

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