inline template editing

I need to make some minor address changes to a custom template - is there a quick way to change these templates without re-uploading them?

I know you can just edit the source html, and re-upload that without necessarily having to do the images, but unfortunately some of those templates are buried in an archive.

I tried just exporting the template, editing and re-uploading, but campaign monitor changes all the image urls to /csimport/ - so I have to go through changing all of those.



roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 4 years ago

Hi there Zander, it isn't possible to edit email template code from within the app, I'm sorry to  say. However, I'm happy to add your vote for this, as it's something we may consider at a later date.

Could you kindly let us know more about this /csimport/ issue and in particular, which templates you're seeing this in? I feel it may be a bit of a bug on our part. Feel free to get in touch directly, as we really want to ensure you can update templates with minimal fuss.

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