Bug? - Subscribers were mass unsubscribed somehow


In one of our mailing lists, on the 16 March it seems all subscribers were unsubscribed. This was a Saturday so it wasn't something we could have done accidentley or would know how to do that many at once, and its not possible every single peron decided to unsubscribe that day. I had to manually re-activate everyone from that date page by page which took a long time. Is this a known issue - did something change around that date that could have caused it to happen?

Now I have noticed that the names from that list are somehow in another list as 'unsubscribed' on that date. They were never on this other list (except maybe a few crossovers) but no way there was that many people in this list before that date, it was a much smaller list, but now it has a huge amount of names listed in the unsubscribe tab.

If an adress is 'Active' in one list and 'Unsubscribed' in another, will emails still be sent to this person when both lists are chosen as recipients? I want to remove them from the unsubscribed page of this second list entirely and keep them as Active in the original list  as they were prior to March 16.


Stig Stig, 4 years ago


Thanks for notifying us about this. That's certainly unusual, and not an issue we've seen other reports of.

To help us look into it, could you kindly email support and include your account URL (something.createsend.com) as well as which list this happened with?

If you're emailing multiple lists, and an address is active on at least one of them, they will be sent the campaign. Once we receive the details from you, we'll try to get to the bottom of why they were unsubscribed on your other list.

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