Is CM the right tool for this ("one email per product") ?


Let's say that I have a website advertising around 1.000 products and 10.000 subscribers.

Based on the search criteria entered on the website by the subscriber, I'd like to send him 5 emails each week with the latest 5 products matching his search (so 1 email = 1 product).

So the problem is (if I am right) that I would have to create and maintain one template per product in CM. Is there a maximum number of templates ? I guess 1.000 is a lot for CM...

Can the API support this (with custom data field) ?

Maybe there is a shortcut to do it ?

Thank you

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 4 years ago

Hi olipar, a better approach is to send a single, personalized campaign each week, using one template only. To do this, you would use template tags to populate an email with content, based on each subscriber's custom fields. For example, you could store data in the custom fields like Product Name, Product Image etc and personalize a campaign like so:

<p>Hello [firstname],</p>

<p>Recommended for you: [product-name-1]</p>
<img src="[product-image-1].jpg" />
<p>[product-description-1] <a href="[product-url-1]">Read more</a>

We've got API methods for updating custom fields, so this is very much do-able, if you're a confident programmer. However, note that there's a limit of 20 custom fields per subscriber at present.

That all said, the larger issue here is populating the custom fields with behavioural data. You'll most likely have to roll-your-own script to link whatever service you use to track search criteria/products, with our API.

Thanks, olipar! I hope this has been useful, but please let me know if there's anything we can clarify here.

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