Can I use CM to automate this email process?

Basically, I use Outlook Express (ancient version) to do this manually at the moment but need the process automating.

I send all customers a Shipping Confirmation Email on dispatch which is then copied into a folder in Outlook Express. About 2 weeks later, I then manually email these people to ask for a product review offering a voucher.

Current process:
1) open the email copy
2) forward the email
3) change the from address, change the subject line
4) enter some standard text into the email (above the original content which is basically the order details / product info)
5) change the person's name
6) add the person's email address
7) send the email

What I want to do is automate the process.

So, question is. Is it possible to automate this process using Outlook Express and Campaign manager.

i.e. the Email Copy gets sent to CM which 'stores' the elements required then 2 weeks later an auto-responder gets sent using the elements, name, email, order code, email content if possible.

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 4 years ago

Hi there campaignman, it's entirely possible to send an autoresponder asking for a review, 2 weeks after a purchase is made. However, what you will have to do is update the subscriber's custom fields with purchase date, as well as name, email, order code, email content etc.

That said, keeping this data updated can be a real pain, unless you fully automate this process by using an eCommerce app like Shopify. Using Shopify, you can enter order information, then have it automatically pushed to your list using an integration like Campaignified.

Thanks, campaignman - I hope I've given you a bit to work with here, but by all means get in touch if there's anything we can clarify. Best of luck!

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Kris2 Kris2, 4 years ago

I think Ros may have meant to link to this:

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campaignman, 4 years ago

Thanks for the replies. I will look into the links given and see if I can do something with those.

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