Campaign and/or Client api: Question getting template used in campaign

For the campaign summary ( or Client sent campaigns ( is there a way to find out what template was associated with the campaign, without having to open the URLs for web version or text?

Basically, we want to hook into that as a way to filter though campaign's for a phrase. For example:

If the campaign send year is 2012, and the template used was called ___________. Currently we are only able to filter through the subject line, which is useful, but not guaranteed.

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 4 years ago

Hi jtesolin, it isn't possible at present to return all campaigns linked to a specific template, I'm sorry to say. Your best bet for now is to name your campaigns distinctively (eg. "April 2013 update - marketing") and use the sent campaigns method to filter from there.

If you need assistance with renaming past campaigns, get in touch with details and we'll happily help. Best of luck!

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