Subscriber Form - Customize the Invalid Email Warning

This may exist already or maybe it can become a feature request for the future.

When I create a Subscriber Form for my site I have the option to create a custom thank you page. This is Step #3 "Subscribe Confirmation Page" when setting things up. I like this because it allows me to keep a consistent look and feel for those going through the registration process and it feels like they never leave my site.

Likewise when a person enters an invalid email address I would like it to feel the same. I dug up this blog post that announced when you rolled out this feature. Nice feature but could you offer me a "Customize" step for this as well?

You could offer me the code to use in the body of my invalid email page (in case it needs it for the session). I would then create a branded invalid email page and tell you the URL of where it sits (the same way I do for my custom thank you page).

Is this doable at the present time? Would be a nice feature for the future for hacks like me that do not know how to do our own javascript validation checking :-)


realadventure, 8 years ago

This is exactly what I'm after too - any news on this desired feature?

droddis, 5 years ago

Has anyone found a way to do this yet? I have a client who is asking that the validation error page link to my account page as the URL.

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi droddis, welcome to the forums. I'm sorry that we didn't respond to this earlier, but it's worth mentioning that we have an AJAX subscribe form which you can customize to do things like show a specific error message, or redirect the user to another page. A bit of code know-how is required to use it.

Thanks, droddis - I hope this helps!

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droddis, 5 years ago

wow, that worked perfectly. Thank you very much, the help is much appreciated!

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