Images not displaying on Facebook when sharing

I'm having a problem with an email that my client sends out using a template I created. For some reason none of the images from the following email will display when sharing on Facebook.

But the following email, the large image in the following email will post when sharing the email on Facebook.

Any ideas why the first email would have a problem since there are so many images available to be included in the post?

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 4 years ago

Hi there, I just ran your first newsletter through Facebook's Open Graph Debugger and it and in theory, it should be displaying this image when sharing your previous campaign. Does this appear for you at all?

Sometimes Facebook Open Graph can be pretty fickle, so if you're not seeing any images, I'd recommend running the share URL through the debugger. On occasions, it can be downright hard to force FB to select an image, unless you edit the template's meta tags. Let us know if we can clarify any of the above - I hope its been useful!

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