CSS renders in Gmail but not Tbird or Outlook using CM template

I've been a long time fan of Campaign Monitor's blog but I'm just now testing the service for possible use by a big client.

Using the online app, I only see CSS rendered in Gmail and not Thunderbird or Outlook and I'm wondering if that's an error on my part or something.

Here's what I did:

I tested sending the following email template by pasting the URL from CM's free templates into the online app at step 2.2 "Create/Send":

I selected "Add inline styles."

I previewed and it looks great, just like on the site.

I imported the text version, previewed that -- no problem there.

On receipt, everything looks great in Gmail -- the pictures aren't there because the paths are broken but that's my fault-- but, in Thunderbird and Outlook, the CSS styles on text, p's, a's, ul's, li's and tables and backgrounds (everything) is not rendered.  I view the source and I can see the inline styles but everything looks barebones black/white HTML. 

Am I doing something wrong?  Missing something obvious?  If I send the same exact HTML through (ugh) a certain different service provider, the CSS is actually rendered better by Outlook and Thunderbird than Gmail ... which, I understand, is for various reasons but, still, am I missing something?

Diana Diana, 9 years ago

Following up here (in addition to your support ticket). This issue is because the inline styles are being broken by "some thing" (direct quote :) ) on the mail server. The email works correctly sent elsewhere because the inline styles aren't being added by that system and it works in Gmail because it's not being processed by the mysterious thing running. We'd definitely recommend keeping those inline styles though, they're essential for your email to display nicely in some email clients, Gmail in particular. So you could try either testing outside of your internal email or removing the inline styles for internal testing and putting them back for external testing and when you actually send the campaign.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
mrjc, 9 years ago

Thanks, D, you're awesome.

I think we're going to try disabling whatever has been defanging my styles and see if that blows up our office.

I tried removing the inline styles for internal testing but that didn't work.  Not only are the inline styles being "DEFANGED" but so is the


tag in the header.  And I guess this is normal that


ing to a style sheet externally doesn't work?

I'll try testing externally soon as I physically can.

Only thing that's still bugging me is that with other emails from other service providers, "DEFANGED" is present in the styles but still CSS renders OK.  Can't tell if styles are being transmogrified and placed elsewhere.

Diana Diana, 9 years ago

An external style sheet definitely won't work. It's really tough to know why the emails sent via the other providers is getting through correctly. Is it possible that they were whitelisted and that stopped the full defanging? I'd need to see the source of what makes it through from them to be certain (or at least have a better idea).

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor

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