Litmus Vs Email on Acid?

Hi - hope you are well!

I need to do a comparison of Email on Acid and Litmus and I would appreciate you help.

1.    What are the main differences between the two?
2.    Which one do you prefer and why?

Thank you for your help
Dawn :)

supernath, 4 years ago

I currently use Email on Acid, it's cheaper and pretty fast. My only real complaint is that if you want to see an old test it re-runs it which really slows things down if you have to go back in your catalog.

I used Litmus for 2 years ~4 years ago, great service, but a bit more expensive. Occasional hiccups, but it was quite awhile ago and the company seems to have grown a lot since then.

If I had to pick again, I would crunch the numbers and probably pay the extra for litmus – it looks like they offer more. The real time interaction with virtual machines would be amazing, and the new gmail code analyser looks pretty great as well.

I believe Litmus has a free 7-day trial, I'd definitely give it a shot.

JohnP JohnP, 4 years ago

I currently use both.

The thing I don't like about Litmus is that there is no horizontal scrolling on previews, meaning you can only see the left side of any emails that are too wide for the device viewport you are testing/previewing on. Litmus also takes a bit longer to render previews. They have excellent spam testing and tracking (on the $99 plan) and their support is fantastic.

EOA is cheaper, but I didn't like their integration with spam testing. It was too complex for a quick content based spam check and runs as a separate test unlike Litmus, where spam tests run simultaneously to your previews. Also, when you test via email (sending directly to a address), it goes to an inbox where you have to select to test it, which is an annoying extra step. Because Litmus does this automatically, it is already working in the background without manually having to prompt it (or even be logged in). This is a huge advantage over having to say 'go' then wait for the test to process.

In EOA, if you reopen a test you've previously done, it has to re-think about it, while Litmus remembers your past results and displays instantly.

I think overall, it comes down to the horizontal scrolling issue for me. I think this is a huge oversight for Litmus, otherwise I'd call them the clear winner in my opinion.

EmailonAcid, 4 years ago

Hey Dawn, this is Michelle with Email on Acid!  There's nothing like candid feedback from non-partisan users so it's great to read this thread so far.  That said, thanks for your question and for considering us in your research!

Just a couple of things that I'd like to say regarding supernath and JohnP's comments above: In a recent release, we've updated our re-run process so that it's much faster.  So if you ever need to pull something from your archive, we no longer have to re-process your original test. 

Also, JohnP says that we don't include SPAM tests in our previews.  We actually provide SPAM testing either as a standalone test or as an option to run simultaneously when you process a preview.  I think this is more of a UI issue that we will need to address on our end because John must have missed it, meaning it wasn't obvious enough to our end users.

Another feature that we are pretty proud of is the fact that we provide both horizontal and vertical views for mobile devices along with drag and throw functionality.  With mobile on the rise, it's our primary objective to assist in responsive email design.

Thanks again everyone and please, keep your comments coming!

JohnP JohnP, 4 years ago

Thanks Michelle - I did miss that one re: simultaneous spam tests. Sorry for that.

The mobile views Michelle mentions are also pretty cool too. With EOA you can use your mouse as you would touching the screen and the email scrolls around. This level of interaction is something that is a necessity in my opinion (at least the side scrolling part) and EOA definitely way ahead with that.

Slightly off-topic, but one feature I'd like to see in the future from either service is the ability to set the desktop screen sizes on previews. When working with a 640 wide floating/aligned design, some of the previews are wide enough to float while others do not, which makes debugging hard.

carl.michael, 4 years ago

My current employer currently uses Litmus, and I find it a valuable resource. Particularly the option to live edit your email.

Is live edit available on EOA? If so does it work on mobile screenshots?

JohnP JohnP, 4 years ago

The interactive editing is only available on Litmus.

kdarp, 4 years ago

Has anyone else had trouble with things rendering differently on preview tests in Email on Acid than reality? For example, we ran a preview test and everything looked great on the iPhone screenshots, but on my actual iPhone (same version as the screenshot) there were some major rendering problems. We've seen some differences in what we see on the EOA report and in our Gmail accounts as well. I sent an email to their tech support and never heard back.

JohnP JohnP, 4 years ago

Sometimes I get some buggy results, but I usually disregard them as they are obviously not an email design related issue.

EmailonAcid, 4 years ago

Sorry CM, Michelle from Email on Acid here again :)

@kdarp - Several Email Service Providers (ESP's) manipulate your source code when they send your email. We take screen captures so if you see a discrepancy between our test results and the actual email client, it's likely because of something that took place during your send. 

We always recommend sending your email directly from your ESP to your Email on Acid inbox so that you can process your test from there but we understand this is an extra step that some people don't like to take.  For this reason, we offer several ways to send in your HTML source code.   

We've scoured our support tickets for your inquiry to no avail but feel free to reach out to our support department directly.  We'd be happy to assist.

KelO, 1 year ago
carl.michael :

My current employer currently uses Litmus, and I find the proextender is helpful and it a valuable resource. Particularly the option to live edit your email.

Is live edit available on EOA? If so does it work on mobile screenshots?

I love the live edit function as well. What other programs allow live edit?

ox4dboy, 1 year ago

+1 for Litmus. The Live Editing is a must-have for technical troubleshooting. It is a bit too expensive though, but get your clients to pay for it by including it in the budget.

Last I checked, Litmus had more clients to test with too, but they are probably very similar in that regard.

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firedrum, 5 months ago

We compared both Litmus and Email on Acid to use with our email marketing customers and found that Email on Acid provided an easier integration into our email marketing solution.

When comparing Litmus vs Email on Acid you’re also comparing the associated cost of the two solutions. Since there is a relevant debate as to which is better, one is clearly less expensive than the other.

In our comparison we looked at the fact that our email marketing customers which were paying for our services also had the added expense of using either Litmus or Email on Acid for their campaigns.

We got to thinking…

We reviewed both solutions as well as what our own customers had to say about them and we made a decision to add Email on Acid into our email marketing platform as a direct feature.

We added it as a feature to all of our current customer’s accounts and at no additional cost to them. Every campaign setup includes Email on Acid testing as part of the final campaign steps.

This addition to our email marketing solution allowed our development team to produce bullet proof email templates that look great across all email clients and web browsers and in return it produces a higher ROI for our customers email campaigns.

We recently released our drag and drop email template editor which allows you to create unique custom templates for your campaigns and all is coded automatically to accommodate responsive design that looks perfect across all major browsers and email clients.

You can take a look at our solution and compare what your using now to something that comes with Email on Acid. The link will also show you all the other features included with the email marketing software.

See how it compares with FireDrum

SarahBishop, 4 months ago

Both of them perform very well, yet Litmus is by all accounts having the edge with regards to joining new elements and email customers. Of course, Email on Acid is a fine service as well.
I think the beginners should start with Litmus first.

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