Posting an email value with unsubscribe


I'm in evaluation mode with Campaign Monitor at the moment, I have just one query with the unsubscribe procedure.

Ok, using PHP, I've implemented some SOAP calls into a client site and these work fine. 

I have went through the procedure of setting up the unsubscribe form redirect by clicking the 'Unsubscribe Options' link and specifying the URL where I want the user to land should they select unsubscribe.  However, I also want to send the email address of the person who wishes to unsubscribe to the unsubscribe URL I specified, as I need to do some database calls with the email value.  Assumedly this can be done by passing an email variable in the link and retrieving it via GET?

Does anybody have any ideas if this is possible, or does there exist a simpler method?

Many Thanks,


Dave Dave, 10 years ago

Hey Brockies,

Sure, we've posted about a nice and simple way to do this here:

brockies, 10 years ago

Hey Dave,

That works perfectly, many thanks for that.


bertlesman, 10 years ago

(I commented on the blog post, but realized this is probably the place I should ask)

When the unsubscribe is redirected to another site, are other fields available?  Specifically, I'd need to know not just the email address, but which list (or lists) the user is unsubscribing from.

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