Outlook 2007/2010/2013: Aligned tables not locking to outer edges

I'm having an issue in the 3 Worst Email Clients ever that shouldn't be there, and that I can't figure out at all. If anyone has run into something similar or can provide an extra set of eyes, I'd be grateful.

I've tried reworking this in endless configurations. The align=right & align=left tables in the footer (for a responsive layout) are rendering in a space 100px less than specified (700px). I'm using practically the exact same markup and styles (I even copied and pasted!) as the header, which has two tables aligned left/right.

There are no instances of 600px or 50px in the code, so there's nothing squeezing these into a smaller space. The two tables add up to 587, and I'm seeing them fill exactly 600px of space. There's nothing evident that would make this occur!

Litmus tests showing the culprits:

Email source code (pre-Campaign Monitor moving styles inline):



circa1977 circa1977, 4 years ago

Looking at it again - The footer's correct. It's the layouts ABOVE the footer that are too big. Argh!

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Redferret, 4 years ago

your 700px dotted borders are in a table cell surrounded by 44px spacers either side, making 788px width in total and throwing off your 700px wide layout

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