Facebook likes disappearing into activity log limbo

I discovered yesterday that when I clicked on a Facebook like button in one of the campaigns that I coded, the like gets registered in my activity log in Facebook, but does not become visible on my timeline until I go to my activity log and change the status of the like from "allowed on timeline" (whatever that means) to "shown on timeline". This two-step process--with no direct connection between the two to walk users through it--is way too much to expect from the people we send to, and makes me question the value of the like button feature.

I see that there is a programmable solution for explicit sharing on timelines, described here: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/opengraph/guides/explicit-sharing/. Is this something that you guys can implement? Presumably there's nothing to be done in our HTML to try to promote the importance of the likes to the level that they should be at (someone likes something, people see that they liked it). I really hope there's a way of making this work better; seems pretty broken as such.

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 4 years ago

Hi there PMcKern, thank you for pointing this out. After scratching around for a bit of background, I noticed that someone on StackOverflow had come across a similar issue - by the sound of his response, I really hope there is a possible fix.

What I'll do at this point is run this issue by our devs and see if they have any extra insight into what's happening here. As soon as we have a little more information, we'll be sure to let you know.

Also, it sounds like we may not be a great match for the Explicit Sharing parameter. The doc notes:

The following types of actions should not generally be labeled as explicitly shared, even though they may be explicitly initiated by a person using your app:

- Lightweight social buttons, such as like, love, favorite and save

But I'll have our folks look into this further.

Thanks, PMcKern - I hope Facebook isn't bent on making things hard for us here!

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Ken Ken, 4 years ago

Hi PMcKern,

Ros is right, unfortunately we're not a great match for the Explicit Sharing.

However, when I tested this, the story does appear on the left-hand side of my time-line, in the "Recent Activity" section. Also, my friends tell me that they see the story in their News Feed. Would this be sufficient?


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