Custom Unsubscribe Template

I notice that the default unsubscribe page provided uses some HTML to hide and show re-subscription notices or 'did you unsubscribe by accident' links. These links point to URLs (I assume) that a unique to each subscriber. Such as;

"form method="post" action="/t/completenoscript/y/trdhlkd/ykobillj/c"
"a href="/t/Resubscribe/y/6d6a385a96f916f79771c1a528bdd9b0">Click here to re-subscribe"

While I can set a custom URL to an unsubscribe notification, is there any documentation (like how there are HTML coding guides in the resource section) to build custom unsubscribe pages?

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 4 years ago

Hi there lyrrad, while you can create custom unsubscribe pages using our API, when linking from campaigns, it shouldn't be necessary - instead, use our unsubscribe functionality, then point your subscribers to a custom unsubscribe confirmation page instead.

The rub here is adding a 'resubscribe link' - for this, I'd recommend linking back to a subscribe form and allowing the subscriber to sign themselves up to your list again.

Thanks, lyrrad - I hope this helps, but let us know if we can clarify anything here.

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