Sending each user a unique attachement (Or download link)?

Does anyone know of a way to send an email with a unique download link or attachment to each subscriber? we have to send out 2000 certificates this week :(

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 3 years ago

Hi there ConnectPaul, your best bet is to host your attachments (with unique file names) on your server, then use custom fields to personalize each email with unique links. For example, you could use download links like this:

<a href="[student-id].pdf">Download your certificate</a>

Thanks, ConnectPaul - please let us know if we can clarify the above. Best of luck!

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ConnectPaul ConnectPaul, 3 years ago

Thanks for this! I'll give it a try.

billycastle, 1 year ago

@ConnectPaul - I have the same problem right now. Did you use this method eventually? Is it really entering one by one each ID? I'm a complete novice at email marketing but I've been asked to do this for a client.
Any help would be appreciated.

billycastle, 1 year ago
ConnectPaul :

Thanks for this! I'll give it a try.

Did this work out? I have about double the certificates (about 4,500) to send out uniquely, so I don't want to have to do all individually.

alluremail alluremail, 1 year ago

I've done something similar for a past project and it works well. Importantly though – you'll want to ensure that your recipients cannot access other individual's documents, particularly if they contain personal information. Eg. by changing the URL from 1125.pdf to 1126.pdf etc

You can do this by generating non-sequential alphanumeric unique IDs that act as a person's unique token. For example:

<a href=".../a99b2770bc0442c7b599554e8dda7771.pdf">Download your certificate</a>

You can generate unique codes online at

Once you have the unique codes, add them to your CSV and import into CM.

It also requires some file organisation skills - you will need to ensure that the file names match the appropriate individual's unique code. Batch file renaming tools like this one can help here - they allow you to use a CSV as a source to rename all files within a given folder.

Hope this helps. Worked for me!


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