Survey form feature please

Any chance you guys have already considered adding capability for running including a survey within CM or MM campaigns?

Have prospects asking about ability to run customer satisfaction surveys.


travisbell travisbell, 9 years ago

Hi Vince,

I don't think we've ever looked too seriously at adding a survey tool to any of our apps. Best to try some of the projects out there that cater specifically to this market.


Travis Bell
Dave Dave, 9 years ago

Vince, I've heard really good things about Survey Gizmo if you're looking for a good survey solution.

style campaign style campaign, 9 years ago

I've used Survey Gizmo, it's really easy to use. Let's you customize your surveys with your logo and color scheme. I just send out an email with a link to the online survey...


SurveyGizmo, 9 years ago

We find that Camapaign Monitor and SurveyGizmo work very well together ourselves (we use Campaign Monitor for our periodic updates, webinars and newsletter). 

Here's a tip we use:  we include an optional newsletter sign up at the end of our surveys and langing pages.  Then on our thank you page (end of the survey),  we add a 'HTTP POST Action' to call the CampaignMonitor API (Subscriber.Add).  This automatically adds the new subscriber to our list.

Technically you could use any of the nifty CM API calls this way, but that is the one we use most often for our own surveys & landing pages powered by surveygizmo.


vince, 9 years ago

I am aware of the many stand-alone survey apps out there, but not really practical for us or to ask our customers using MailBuild to go and use another alternative for customer surveys - especially as all the other email marketing apps out there that I have seen include the surveys feature.

It may be fine for those using CM as a service they provide to their clients and therefore do everything for them, but the MailBuild business model certainly needs this built-in for our clients to DIY without too much bother.

In fact, if you think about it, even for CM clients that want to run a campaign that would also include a survey, it is rather cumbersome to ask them to view the email statistics in CM, and then go to another system to view the survey responses.

I am really suprised at the response that the team have not thought "too seriously at adding a survey tool"

Hope you will reconsider. Without it, the possibilities for running great information gathering ecampaigns is serverly diminished.

- Customer satisfaction info
- Quizes and competitions
- Product feature requests

And many more uses.

Again, why collect all this valuable information on a different system, when instead you could hold it all within the same app for better analysis and also make use of the data gathered for a follow-up campaign?

Thanks for listening.

Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

Thanks for your feedback Vince - while we do get some requests for survey tool integration, we get a lot more requests for many other potential features, so it is (as always) about prioritising.

Since there are so many great, specialised survey tools out there, you should not be stuck for options even if they are as ideal as having one built right in.

Having said that, of course we always record suggestions and it may be that one day surveys are very highly requested and we do decide to investigate our options.

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vince, 9 years ago

Hello Mathew, and thanks for your response - as always very polite.
I trust my reasoning and business justification to add a survey tool made sense, and will someday make it into your products.

Understand you have decided to only add features that get requested frequently, but please also consider that not everyone will take the time to suggest things to make YOUR product better,

Reality is all us Web users are fickle - if we don't find what we want, many will just click and go elsewhere.

Email marketing and the software for it is nothing new and there are plently of reviews comparing them and evaluating the respective features. Therefore nowadays there is no need to re-invent the proverbial wheel; just study the reviews and best competitors, then take the best from each and make a better 'wheel' :-)

I have personally stuck around with you not only because of the polite replies, but also because of some of the ways you do add features and the actual business model (charging methods etc).

Unfortunately I still can't bring myself to lauch my MM reseller business without some of the 'missing features' that my competition already have. CM is catching-up, but I need MM for my clients, and it seems to have fallen behind lately. Shame it all couldn't be done with one platform as already suggested.

Sorry if all I'm saying is already obvious to you.
I also didn't mean for this reply to be so long - my passion for this subject got the better of me again. :-)

Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

Thanks Vince,

I'm certainly not saying we only add things that get highly requested - in fact, we don't always add things even when they are highly requested.

We have our own ideas about what MailBuild needs to be, and of course we listen to feedback. However, if we added every feature that one or more people said was absolutely critical to them using it, we would quickly end up with a product nobody was passionate about.

So we'll just keep walking the line and try to maintain our focus and goals and create the best MailBuild we can.

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Generator, 9 years ago

Thanks for the Survey Gizmo tip above - just what I was looking for.

bc173, 8 years ago

I'm looking for a survey form feature as well... and don't want my clients to check two sites and combine two kind of stats.

atourgates atourgates, 8 years ago

We've been using CM in combination with SurveyMonkey.  The integration works, but I'd like to add my voice to those requesting a integrated survey feature from CM.  It is a hassle to send clients to separate sites for their campaign reports and survey reports.  It's particularly awkward to track individual responses through both applications.  But for those interested, here's how we do it:

Create a unique ID number column in your CM subscriber List.
Add that unique idnumber to the end of your SurveyMonkey link after "&c=", so if your SurveyMonkey link was "", your CM embedded link would be "[idnumber,fallback=noidnumber]"

Then, when you go to your Survey Monkey reporting section, every response will be identified by a unique ID number that you can correlate to your subscriber list.  Far from perfect, but the best I've figured out for now.

schoty, 8 years ago

We've been using CM for a while now. A lot of our customers tend to request email campaigns, newsletters and surveys. Sometimes it is hard to get them to understand that campaigns / newsletters are not surveys. =)

It would be awesome to have a survey module for CM.

fz, 8 years ago

Just thought I'd chime in and add a vote for a survey feature! :-)

Echoing some of the thoughts above:
* since it's hard to compete on price, the fewer perceived gaps in functionality the better (I understand that CM offers a premium quality product - but the nature of an online business doesn't always give us a chance to prove that to folks who are comparison shopping)
* I understand CMs need to prioritize feature requests and your focus is on email campaigns - not surveys.  That said, it would be a far better user experience for my clients to have one central hub they go to for all of their online/direct marketing endeavors. 
* If CM teamed up with a third party service (as you did for the email testing), surveys would be another add-on feature we could opt to give our clients access to.

Similar to what others have said (and I've probably said before) - it's just that I love CM so much and am wanting to have even more to love ;-)

Karen Rainsong, 8 years ago

I also would like a survey feature to be added to CM's functionality. I would like to use it myself and my clients are asking for it too.

Karen Rainsong
seavers, 7 years ago

I would like to add my voice to adding a survey feature within CM.

Having it available from within CM itself would open a wealth of marketing opportunities in terms of 'segmenting' and targeting users.

morecowbell, 7 years ago

Please please add a Survey feature...
You have a truly excellent product already, but it could be outstanding if you add the Survey feature.

ozmo ozmo, 7 years ago

Count me in. A CM survey feature would certainly go a long way to alleviate my and my clients frustrations.

Cup of tea for the big fella?
uaextension, 7 years ago

A survey module would be a very welcome feature indeed. I am surprised it isn't one of the top requests, so here I am registering my vote.

mikechampa, 7 years ago

This is an often requested feature from our clients as well. Using CM, though, means we lose that single login/integration point of access and management. VerticalResponse is on company we are looking at switch to for this possible integration (eblast/survey), but we like CM too much at this point to jump.

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