Javascript detected in new campaign from template

We have been using a ColdFusion component to build out a campaign through our CMS for years now. We have never had any issues with it until recently.

First we build out the campaign XML dynamically, then we submit the XML string to the api, and we get back the 4202 error indicating that there is JS in the email, but there is no JS of any kind anywhere in the email.

Below is the text version of the email created via the component:

his email is best viewed in your web browser. Click the link
below to see it:

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Any help with this would be appreciated.

terryt terryt, 4 years ago

Hi Joe,

Thanks for getting in touch!  It looks like the page you are trying to use doesn't exist and is redirecting to a page that does have javascript.  I can also see that you've been able to create campaigns using the API and it looks like you switched which domain it is pointing to.  If you are still having issues please let me know!

Terry Tice
Campaign Monitor
Support Engineer

Terry Tice
Campaign Monitor
joe, 4 years ago


Thanks for getting back to me. I am not sure I understand what you are saying. The page I am trying to use doesn't exist? and I switched the domain the API is pointing to?

If you could clarify this or further explain what this means so I can fix it, I would appreciate it.

joe, 4 years ago


I figured it out. It was an ID10T error on our end. Thanks for the info and taking the time to help out.

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