A lot of opens for some users


just send out my first newsletter today using CM and it is looking great so far.

Now I've got a question:

I have to users that have a lot of opens. The one has 39 and the second one has 24. Then there are people with 5 and less.

The customer with 39 opens also has opens from all over the place: Zurich, Kiel, Zurich again, Kiel again, then just Germany, Kiel, Kiel, Hamburg.

What is going on there?

Thanks and Cheers,


roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 4 years ago

Hi there Marc, we've had this reported previously and have found that the opens are often triggered by 3rd party software, such as an antivirus mail scanner, or something on a mail server. More often than not, it's not the recipient manually opening the mail message multiple times (although this happens to a limited degree, too).

Keep in mind that opens are recorded when our tracking image is downloaded. So, if some software downloads the image, then an open will be reported in Campaign Monitor.

As for location, this is determined by IP address. So, if an intermediary mail server is "opening" the message, then this mail server's IP will be used. Likewise, if the recipient is accessing their email via a VPN connection, then an incorrect location can be reported, too.

So the bottom line is that both opens and geolocation are not an exact science - we can only work off the data we can record. I hope this makes some sense, but by all means, let us know if there's anything we can clarify here :)

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Phil Phil, 4 years ago

Hi Marc,

Every user receives their own personalised version of the campaign. That includes a tiny image, which when downloaded, tells us that the recipient opened the campaign. If that recipient then forwards that email (using the forward function in their email client) to a bunch of their friends, each time one of those friends opens the email we will record an open and a best guess at the location of that open.

The most likely explanation for a bunch of opens in lots of different places is therefore somebody forwarding their personalised email to their friends. It's pretty much unavoidable. Adding a "forwardtoafriend" link will help, but some people will always just hit "forward" instead.

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