Gmail Preview Now Displaying Entire Emails??


When using the gmail app to view emails on a mobile device it has been normal to only see the top left hand side of the email within the preview pane, as detailed here:

However since updating my gmail app to use the new style inbox I seem to be receiving emails which have been scaled to fit the preview pane and also a few emails even trying their hardest to use their media queries!!!

I haven't had time to investigate yet!

This could be great news!

- Dan

Redferret, 4 years ago

Hi there, I started documenting this last week in this thread: … 09/#p28509

We've figured out that Gmail doesnt read media queries, but it does seem to use some strange rules to fit content in to the view pane, my recent findings have shown the following:

- results are different for tables where the width is defined on the td tag
- things scale independently so while an image will scale down, text may appear the correct size

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