I have problem in create campaign

Hello all,

               I have problem in create campaign. First i have added template and list in my client account. at the time of creation campaign i want use them. So i have used these function for create campaign ....

$html_content = http://preview.createsend.com/templates/publicpreview/0718331412D6DCDB?d=j (added template PreviewUrl)
$text_content = http://preview.createsend.com/templates/publicpreview/0718331412D6DCDB?d=j (added template PreviewUrl)

$campaignid = $cm->campaignCreate( $clientid, $campaign_name, $subject, $from_name, $from_email, $reply_email, $html_content, $text_content, $subscriber_listid, "" );

I am getting error "Invalid HTML text". How to resolve it please help me as soon as possible.

thanks in advance.

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 4 years ago

Hi there cyber123, just to confirm, are you using the creating a campaign from a template method?

the $text_content you're trying to define here is the same as the HTML content, which is likely why you're getting an error, too.

Thanks, cyber123 - keen to hear back from you, so we can look into this further.

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cyber123, 4 years ago

Hello  roshodgekiss,

Thank you for given best solution in create campaign from a template method. Its very help for me.

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