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Hey, All.
1) Does anyone know if it's possible to tie CM to Twitter's Ad system to start using the new Twitter Cards for Lead Gen?
2) Would you provide the steps necessary to do that, please?

All of the thanks!

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 4 years ago

Hi there nknox, thank you so much for posting here about Twitter's Lead Gen cards! We're actually looking into doing a few experiments with these cards, so we'll likely post the outcomes in our blog if these come to fruition.

The short story is that:

1. You need to be an existing Twitter advertiser to be eligible
2. Lead Gen Cards are added to Promoted Tweets
3. Keep in mind that Lead Gen Cards aren't available to everyone yet. See:

Today, the Lead Generation Card will only be available to our managed clients; we have plans to launch this Card globally and to small- and medium-sized businesses soon.

4. Once you qualify, you should be able to insert a subscribe form into the Lead Gen Card, just as you would add a subscribe form to your site. We'll try to get this happening at a future date and will be sure to document the process via our blog.

Thanks, nknox! I hope that's been useful to you, but we'll be sure to provide more details as they come to hand :)

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roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 3 years ago

Ok folks, here's a bit of exciting news - Twitter Lead Generation Cards are now available to everyone. We're still in the process of testing and documenting things, but here's a sketch of how we think it all works.

Getting setup in Campaign Monitor
First of all, you will need to create a subscriber list (or have one ready) to collect new subscribers via Twitter Lead Gen Cards. In this list, create a custom field, "Screen name". This will be used to collect Twitter handles.

Once your list is ready, it's time to get the necessary code to setup the card. On the list details page, click 'Grow your audience' in the right sidebar. On the following page, select "Copy/paste a form to your site". You should see a page like this.

Click "Get the code". You should see a couple of lines of HTML code - copy this code, as you'll need it shortly.

Getting setup in Twitter
You need to be a Twitter advertiser to create Lead Gen Cards. First of all, follow these instructions. When you reach "Technical Settings", you're going to setup Campaign Monitor as an optional endpoint (which means, somewhere where new subscribers are sent).

Under "Advanced settings", you should see a form that looks like this. At this point, you're going to flick back to the subscribe form code we generated earlier. It should look something like this:

<form action="" method="post">
        <label for="fieldName">Name</label><br />
        <input id="fieldName" name="cm-name" type="text" />
        <label for="fieldEmail">Email</label><br />
        <input id="fieldEmail" name="cm-tluilhl-tluilhl" type="email" required />
        <label for="fieldjldliyt">Screen name</label><br />
        <input id="fieldjldliyt" name="cm-f-jldliyt" type="text" />
        <button type="submit">Subscribe</button>

We're almost there. In Twitter's settings...

Submit URL = (as found in the <form> tag)
Fallback URL = the URL of a backup subscribe form page, either on your site or hosted by us
Privacy policy = the URL of your Privacy Policy page (eg. http://yourdomain/privacy)

HTTP method = POST

Then, under "Custom key name":
fullname = cm-name
email = cm-tluilhl-tluilhl
Screen name = cm-f-jldliyt

Note that the "fullname", "email" and "Screen name" are the name="" attribute values found in the <input> tags.

You can also send hidden data to other custom fields in your Campaign Monitor list using "Custom Hidden Data Values". For example, you may want to tag all subscribes from Twitter using a custom field "Source", with the value "twitter". To do this, you'll need to get the "name" attribute value as above for the "Source" field. This will be the "Key" and the "Value" will be "twitter".

... and that should be it! Make sure you test like crazy to ensure the form is pushing new subscribers to your Campaign Monitor list as desired. Note that you can also download leads manually as backup. If you have any troubles or questions, let us know :)

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Finge Finge, 3 years ago

Fantastic tip! Can't wait to get mine live.

Just got it set up, but getting an error when twitter tests my card. "Result: Failure. Error submitting card data: hostname does not match the server certificate."

Data posted: {
  "fullname": "cm-name",
  "email": "finge@***.com",
  "Screen name": "cm-f-jydilhy",
  "Source": "Twitter",
  "name": "Finge",
  "screen_name": "finge",
  "card": "3cm",
  "token": "28f999f258dc6ffff474a02222d08e06"
Salt (not posted with data): {
  "Salt": "0afbf6db23b09dc93a4ec6c484dc2156"

Please help. Any help is highly appreciated :-)

Finge Finge, 3 years ago

I have discovered the reason for this error - now if only I could figure out how to fix it. When Twitter tries to authenticate my twitter card it checks the URL https://****

The problem is that the page authenticates itself as *

Please help!

Finge Finge, 3 years ago

Ok, for anyone reading I was able to fix it.

I have set up a custom domain for my account, in the format of When I tried using that as my submit URL it did not work.

Once I changed to it worked like a charm :-)

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 3 years ago

Finge, thank you so much for these updates and sorry for not getting back to you earlier here - we've been flat out like a lizard drinking, as they say in Australia ;)

I'll make sure we update our existing help topic to mention that you have to use the format as the submit URL - that's a biggie, thank you so much.

Cheers, Finge - love that you've been so helpful with testing this out :)

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