template build help required

I have a design agreed by a client and my guy that would normally tackle it is on an extended leave - and with no guarantee of return. I'm okay with the html and css up to a point, but this needs to be right, and sorted in terms of mobile too.

Design can be seen here: http://bit.ly/16sHdiG
and here: http://bit.ly/11HpZLp

Basically a mix of single, 2 and 3 column modules, text only versions and text with image versions. All of these as shown with pale grey backgrounds and same again with blue backgrounds and white out text. Plus a block to take a single full width image only.

Anyone out there who could drop onto it quickly and for a fair price?

Alex I., 4 years ago

Hi upbeat guy.,

If you're still looking for this I could definitely do this for you. I've built a lot of emails and done a lot of mobile emails too.

My only concern would be after optimising the first design you posted it would be incredibly long.

If you wish to discuss budgets and timelines for turnaround feel free to drop me an email at alex.ilhan@outlook.com. If you wish to see mobile or non-mobile emails I've built before feel free to ask.


upbeatguy, 4 years ago

Thanks, I'll drop you a email. The long one was just to show the client the various 'modules; as I like to call them, that they would have available within the master template, from which to make up actual emailers using just 3 ,4 or 5 of the modules.

Alex I., 4 years ago

Ah - good plan.

Looking forward to receiving your email!


upbeatguy, 4 years ago

Sent an email Alex - got it?

Alex I., 4 years ago

Yep - sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I've fired one back.

carl.michael, 4 years ago

Did this ever get done? I'd be interested in seeing the final output.

The second design is pretty straightforward.

I'd be concerned over the length of the first design. How is will flow when reduced down for mobiles, and that it looks like you'd have to go more than 4 tables deep which adds it's own set of quirks.

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