API / Integration Question

We are currently having our custom CMS rebuilt using Rails. It's a content / product / ecommerce CMS and we're looking at building some type of link with CM. Just a few questions.

1. When the user logs into our CMS, is it possible that the credentials can be carried over to CM to avoid double logging in?

2. Is it possible to create a 100% white label solution so that the entire CM functionality can be wrapped into our CMS?

I'll probably have some more questions, but that's it just for now.

Thanks in advance.

Phil Phil, 4 years ago

G'day OnTheRails,

It's a big "yep" to both of your questions. Check out the documentation for our API's single-sign-on endpoint, which allows sessions to be created through the API. Some freedom is allowed in terms of which navigation elements are presented. The endpoint returns a URL which can be used as the src of an iframe for embedding within your CMS.

We've got a well-loved ruby library/ to make setting up the API as frictionless as possible in your Ruby apps.

If you're happy with the sound of all that you will need to contact us, and we'll hook you up with an integratorID.

OnTheRails, 4 years ago

Thanks so much Phil...that's great. Will be in touch soon.

OnTheRails, 4 years ago

Phil, quick question.

Can this be done for my clients as I am a CM reseller? In other words, if each of my clients have their own CMS, can each of them login to CM via our CMS as a client under my reseller account? Hope I've explained myself OK.

Phil Phil, 4 years ago


Using the method spoken of above, you can create a CM session for any existing CM user, provided you have a valid ApiKey (or oAuth token) for the CM account to which that user belongs.

So that's probably a "yes", but as with most API questions it's a question best answered by writing a few test scripts to confirm your specific use case.

Csaba Toth, 11 months ago
Phil :

for the CM account to which that user belongs.

My use-case could be somewhat similar. I'm preparing to integrate. I don't want to open a separate CM account for each of our users though. Is that possible?

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