Testing on BlackBerry Devices

Hi Folks

Just wondering how you guys handle testing on Blackberry Devices. We use Litmus, and it's great, but can only get previews up to Blackberry 5 OS, which is basically hopeless at rendering HTML anyway. I gather the Z10 runs Webkit and as such we can safely assume that our emails are working perfectly, but really need to see what's happening on 6 and 7 OS devices.

Any suggestions would be gratefully received!



roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 4 years ago

Hi there, Nick! We ended up buying a Blackberry Bold for testing our emails internally. Its default email client provides fairly reasonable CSS/responsive support.

Another option is to download a Blackberry simulator, but as you know, there's really nothing like testing on a live device. :)

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Bonpantalon Bonpantalon, 4 years ago

Hey Ros - thanks for your help, much appreciated. I did wonder if we might have to get our hands on a device or at least use an emulator.



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