Unsubscribe link issue

Hi all,
I have being using the [unsubscribe] tags on my newsletter campaigns to have a link to the unsubscribe page and today I just realized it doesn’t do that anymore.

Right now instead of having a link call ‘Unsubscribe’, it shows the whole URL to the page

Did anyone come across with this issue?

Dave Dave, 9 years ago

Hey Michael,

Apologies if this caused you some problems, the [unsubscribe] tag should have been rendering just the URL in the HTML version (just like the plain text version) all along, but a small bug prevented that from happening. This has since been fixed and works as intended.

If you'd like specific text to be come a link, just use our <unsubscribe>Click here to unsubscribe</unsubscribe> tags instead.

Raquel, 9 years ago


Despite reading here that this "bug" is fixed, I've had the same exact problem with my unsubscribe link four weeks after the above complaint was made.

We've used CampaignMonitor for our 4-thousand strong email list for months now -- with no problem with the unsubscribe link.

We import our campaign from the web, and the "unsubscribe" was placed in the code by our programmer. We can't manually input the html as Dave suggests.

However, letting CM add the link (as our programmer taught me) had always, always worked. We'd always had a great little red "unsubscribe" neatly placed at the bottom of our campaigns, consistent with the rest of the hyperlinks at the base of the mass email.

It wasn't until today that this hyperlink disappeared, and showed instead the entire URL to a "testing page".

The campaign is sent and paid for, so it's not fixable now. However, It looks really unprofessional against the rest of the design. We will be doing another campaign soon and can't have this happen. What should we do? Better yet, how can we know that the 'bug' is actually fixed?


Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

Hi Raquel,

As Dave has pointed out, the bug has been fixed. It is unfortunate that your programmer had coded your email in a way that relied on that bug being there - you will need to get your HTML fixed up to work correctly.

Please get in touch with support if you need help there.

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