Do you charge an annual fee?

I was wondering if anyone here charge clients an annual fee for CM? While the system does pretty much manage itself - sometimes situations come up which mean that the revenue earned from CM could easily be thrown out of the window. For example:

- New staff needing to be trained
- Pay as you go clients wanting help with additional features
- Dealing with support requests

Just curious. It's something I have been considering - if it's allowed by CM that is.

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 4 years ago

Hi Kris2, sorry we didn't get back to you earlier here! While we don't have a mechanism for billing clients on an annual basis, we do have quite a few customers who have taken billing and invoicing into their own hands and charge a flat fee for their services - for example, Pronto Marketing charge on a monthly basis.

You might want to check out an upcoming app, imera - I've so far found it to be very useful for managing Campaign Monitor charges outside of our app - particularly when it comes to sending periodic invoices.

By all means, we encourage designers to charge their clients in whatever way they see to be intuitive, so whether it's via charging a higher delivery fee to cover staff training, or annual invoicing outside of our app, it's all a-ok with us :D

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