Change language in uploaded template

Hi there,
I have been searching for this topic but nothing resolutive was found.
I'm developing my own template and I want all the tags appears in the appropriate language (es-ES)

Something similar is touched in this thread but I can't find the way to apply it to my own design.
The <currentmonthname> in example doesn't support lang label (<currentmonthname lang="es-ES") like fowardtoafriend does..

Is there some way to define the overall language (like in the 'basics' popup menu) in my html document to get ready to your editor?


roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 4 years ago

Hi again digg, it isn't possible to localize date tags at present, I'm sorry to say - your best bet is to use an editable region to add the date each month, or use a combination of date tags and editable regions to change the date in each newsletter.

Localization of dates is something we get requests for from time to time, so I'm happy to add your vote for this and we'll let you know if it's something we introduce at a later date. Sorry for the trouble here!

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marcmarc marcmarc, 3 years ago

Has this feature been added?

If not, I would like to add my vote for this and I would also like to be informed when it has been added.

Thank you!

jocuri12, 3 years ago

Me too you have my vote...
jocuri barbie

copify, 4 months ago

I like this feature either

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