Preference Center

Not sure If I missed the Preference Center before or if this is a new feature, but thanks regardless!

One comment is that most of my clients lists have "internal use only" custom fields that we use for segmenting the list, for example a rafting company uses a custom field of "type" and may assignee that member as an "Organizer" if they normally organize a large group.

Thats not a field we want our members to actually have access to..

It would be great if when defining custom fields there was an option to "Do not display in Preference Center" for these types of situations.

Cheers, and keep up the great work.

Dave Dave, 9 years ago

Thanks Alex, here's the announcement. We do understand there are some cases where you don't want all your custom fields exposed, and that may be something we cater for in a future update.

In the mean time, you might only considering using the preference center for those lists with custom fields you're happy to expose.

Alex D, 9 years ago

Ya, I had planned to build this myself with the API and using a custom field to for the members to store a password..

But for 90% of my clients your built in solution will work great!

Alex Duffield - Owner
InControl Solutions
quena, 9 years ago

@Dave: I second the feature request for the ability to hide custom fields from subscribers in the preference center.

@ Alex: If this is really just a 10% fix, then maybe putting your "Organizers" into a segment (by setting multiple rules to [email]=______) would get it done. I'm assuming that you're using a custom field to track "Organizers" so you can send emails just to them.

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